Friday, December 15, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 64.

LEASURE, HON. JOHN C., formerly of Pendleton, but now of Portland, is a prominent figure in Republican politics in Oregon. He was born in Marion County, Oregon, June 9, 1853, and worked for his education, and is a self-made man in every particular. He taught school and did janitor work until he was able to graduate from the Philomath College in 1877. He became principal of the Blue Mountain University, a Lag Grande, and studied law and was admitted to the bar, and located in Pendleton in the practice of his profession in 1880. He was elected Prosecuting Attorney of the Fifth Judicial District in 1882. In 1884 he was a Presidential Elector, and made a vigorous canvass of the state, receiving the largest vote of any person on the ticket. In 1889 he represented the league of this state at the National League convention at Baltimore, and was elected a delegate to the league again in 1894. He was for several years elected vice-president of the National League. In 1894 he was elected vice-president of the State League. In 1885, he was elected Mayor of Pendleton, and again in 1891. In 1895 he moved to Portland and has established here and extensive law practice. As a political speaker he takes high rank, and has done excellent service in many campaigns. His name has been prominently mentioned for several years in connection with the nomination for congress in the second district, due to the interest taken in him by the many friends he has made in all sections of the state.

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