Friday, December 29, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 154.

PAINE, DR. DeWITT A., Superintendent of the Oregon State Insane Asylum, was born in Paine’s Hollow, Herkimer County, New York, October 16, 1853. In 1869 the family removed to Delaware County, Iowa. HE was educated at the State University, and graduated from the medical department of the Central University of Kentucky, He practiced in Rapid City, Dakota, and Sand Spring, Iowa. In 1887 he took a special course in New York, and in 1888 came to Oregon and located in Eugene. He has been president of the Lane County Medical Society, is a member of the National Association of Railway Surgeons, and was Division Surgeon of the southern Pacific until appointed Superintendent of the Insane Asylum in 1895. He is an active Republican, and has been a member of county and state conventions and committees, and of league meetings.

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