Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 116.

TAYLOR, HON. FRANK J., of Astoria, was born in Clatsop County, May 11, 18 51, and has resided there continuously. He graduated from the Law School of Union University, Albany, New York, in June, 1873, and in September was admitted to the bar and began practice in Astoria. Judge Taylor was elected Recorder in 1875 and Police Judge in 1876, serving two and one-half years. In 1880 he was elected to the legislature. He was elected Circuit Judge to fill a vacancy in 1884, and again for a full term in 1886. In 1895 he was elected Mayor of Astoria. He was a delegate to county conventions from 1874 to 1884, to state conventions 1874 to 1882 and 1894 and 1896, to congressional conventions in 1894 and 1896, and league meetings in 1895 and 1896.

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