Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 50.

TONGUE, THOMAS H., of Hillsboro, came to Oregon in 1859, with his parents, who came to join an uncle, Thomas Otchin, who had some to the coast in 1836 and settled in Washington County in 1841. He remained on the farm, where his father and mother are still living, unto; 1862, when he began to attend school at Tualatin Academy and Pacific University, working for his board and to purchase books. In 1868 he entered the law office of W. D. Hare, at Hillsboro, and was admitted to the bar in 1870. In 1866 he was a delegate to the county and state conventions, and has been continuously a delegate ever since, also to the first congressional district convention. He was secretary of the state central committee in 1874, and presided over the state conventions of 1890 and 1894. Since 1886 he has been a member of the state central committee, and since 1892 chairman of the congressional committee. In 1892 he was elected president of the State League, and declined re-election in 1894. He was a delegate to the national convention of 1892, and was made vice-president for Oregon. In 1895 he was elected a delegate to the National League. In 1888 he was nominated to the state senate. Hard worker in politics as he had been, he had never made a political speech, but he went at it like a veteran. He was elected by majority over month Democratic and Prohibition opponents. In 1890 he made his first political speech outside the county, being a joint discussion with Governor Pennoyer, at Macleay, which was almost a Waterloo for the Governor. In 1892 he was again nominated for the state senate, but was beaten by a combination of Democratic and Populist votes, aided by an Independent Republican candidate. In 1895 he was urged to become a candidate for the congressional nomination, but firmly declined. However, he went on the stump and did excellent campaign service throughout Western Oregon. He was a candidate for United States Senator last year, but after the caucus nomination of Mr. Dolph he withdrew, though on the last night of the session he was voted for just prior to the election of Mr. McBride. Mr. Tounge is an extremely graceful and eloquent speaker, a ready debater and a man who commands the respect of his fellows, both in public and private life.

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