Friday, December 08, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 202.

DOLPH, HON JOSEPH N., ex-United States Senator, was born in Dolphsburg, Tompkins County, New York, October 19, 1835. He was admitted to the bar in 1861, and in 1862 enlisted in the company organized to protect the emigrants on the plains, and came to Oregon as orderly sergeant of the company. He began practice in Portland, and the next year formed a partnership with Hon. J.H. Mitchell. He was appointed City Attorney in 1864, and in 1865 was appointed United States District Attorney. In 1866 he was elected to the State Senate and served the first session, but was unseated by the Democratic majority in 1868. In 1872 he was again elected, and served two sessions. He was chairman of the Republican state central committee in 1866-68 and was delegate to the national convention in 1884. In 1876 he drew up papers that prevented the Democratic steal of one electoral vote from Oregon. In 1882 he was elected to the United States Senate, and was re-elected in 1889. His career in the Senate marked him as a national character, and one of broad mental grasp and tenacious adherence to principle. He is now practicing his profession in Portland.

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