Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oregon Republican League: Elder Photos

Oregon Republican League:Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 251.

MOODY, HON. Z. F. [Editor inserted: Zenas Ferry Moody], of The Dalles and Salem, ex-Governor of Oregon, was born in Granby, Massachusetts, May 27, 1832. In 1851 he came to Oregon. For ten years he was engaged in United States surveys. He engaged in business in Brownsville in 1853. In 1856 he was appointed Inspector of United States surveys in California , and then went to Illinois, where he lived four years and was one term Assessor of Morgan County. He was in Washington when Sumpter was fired upon, and joined an emergency company. In 1862 he returned to Oregon and engaged in merchandising at The Dalles, where he has now the largest wool warehouse on the Pacific Coast, and handles more wool direct from the producers than any other man in the world. From 1863 to 1875 he was engaged in various lines of business in Oregon and Idaho, in the latter year founding his business at The Dalles. In 1872 he was elected senator from Wasco County, but did not take his seat. In 1880 he was elected to the house, and becamse speaker of that body. In 1882 he was elected governor.

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