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Oregon Republican League "Bridging the Generations Project 400": ORL Doughty Family

Oregon Republican League "Bridging the Generations Project 400": ORL Doughty Family

Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 202.

DOUGHTY, CHARLES C., of Dallas, was born at Monmouth, Oregon, July 8, 1859. He attended the public schools and graduated from the Commercial Department of the Portland Business College. He has been prominently connected with the press of the state since 1879. He was first in the Riverside office, and then foreman of the West Side, at Independence. In 1886 he became publisher of the Christian Herald at Monmouth, and in 1888 became editor and publisher of the Polk County Observer, at Dallas. He has always been an earnest and influential supporter of Republican principles, and has been frequently a member of conventions.

Charles's parents were Preston Doughty and Amanda Kramer.

Descendants of Preston E. Doughty

1 Preston E. Doughty b: 26 Jun 1831 in Dripping Springs, Warren Co, Kentucky d: 14 Mar 1865 in Monmouth, Oregon
.. +Amanda S. Kramer b: 22 Mar 1835 in Clarion, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania
........ 2 Millia Doughty b: 1858 in Oregon
........ 2 Charles C. Doughty b: 08 Jul 1859 in Monmouth, Oregon d: 03 Feb 1912 in Polk County, Oregon
........ 2 Grace Doughty b: 1861 in Oregon
........ 2 Paradise Doughty b: 1863 in Oregon
........ 2 John Doughty b: 1864 in Oregon
........ 2 Willamette Doughty b: 17 Feb 1865 in Oregon d: 09 Dec 1937 in Portland, OR
............ +Grace Edith Elster b: 17 Apr 1880 in Grass Valley, Nevada Co, California m: 03 Sep 1910 in St. Helens, Oregon
................... 3 Preston Kingsley Doughty b: 10 Dec 1912 in Portland, OR d: 08 Nov 2004 in Portland, OR

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