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Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Every Wednesday, the Oregon Republican League will post the biographies of important figures, in the League's/State of Oregon's history. Feel free to comment or share stories of your family's Republican affiliation.

From the The Centennial History of Oregon 1811-1912, Volume II published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912.

Robert Donnell Bushnell: Wheat and Hog Rancher of Irving

Robert Donnell Bushnell, whose energies have always been devoted to the general agricultural pursuits and stock-raising, is the owner of a well cultivated and attractive ranch located one and a quarter miles south of Irving. He was born in California in 1866, and is a son of George E. and Nancy (Andrews) Bushnell, the father a native of Ohio and the mother of Missouri. The parents crossed the plains with an ox team during the early years of their domestic life, settling on a donation claim, which embraced the ranch now owned and operated by our subject. Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bushnell, of whom our subject is the youngest. The eldest member of the family, Bessie, is deceased; and Belle, the next in order of birth, married S. L. Bond, of Irving, by whom she has had four children, Olivia, Frank, Samuel and Greetus.

As he was a child of only one year when his parents located in Lane county, practically the entire life of Robert Donnell Bushnell has been passed on the ranch where he is now living. He received a common-school education and was early trained in the practical methods of tilling the fields and caring for the crops. Upon attaining his majority he purchased seventy acres of the home ranch from his father and has ever since assiduously applied himself to its further improvement and cultivation. During the intervening years he has brought it under high cultivation and has made extensive improvements, including the erection of substantial modern buildings and the installation of various conveniences, thus adding greatly to the appearance and value of the property. He also owns another ranch of forty acres on the Pacific Highway. In connection with the cultivation of his home place, Mr. Bushnell is operating his mother's ranch, containing one hundred and eighty-five acres, adjoining his own. His principal crop is wheat, but his specialty is the raising of thoroughbred hogs and standard bred horses. As he is a diligent man, efficient and practical in his methods and progressive in his ideas, he has met with a goodly measure of success, and is numbered among the prosperous ranchmen of that section. His homestead is located four and a half miles northwest of Eugene and a mile and a quarter south of Irving on the Eugene road, one of the populous portions of the county.

For his wife and helpmate, Mr. Bushnell chose Miss Maud E. Lyons, a daughter of T. L. and Delia J. (Edmunson) Lyons, the mother a native of Oregon and the father of California. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Lyons numbered three, Mrs. Bushnell being the oldest. Her sister is Elva, who was given a common-school education and is now employed in a large real-estate office in Seattle. John H., her only brother, is engaged in the mining business at Medford, Oregon. Mrs. Bushnell was educated in the common schools of Oregon and prior to her marriage taught for one term in Crook county, this state. To Mr. and Mrs. Bushnell have been born three sons, as follows: G. Edwin, whose birth occurred in 1899, attending school at Irving; Robert K. born on the 2nd of December, 1901; and Julius Blygh, whose natal day was the 13th of January, 1907.

The family attend the Methodist Episcopal church, and fraternally Mr. Bushnell is affiliated with the United Artisans, while his political support is given to the republican party. He has never figured prominently in the public life of the community, nevertheless he is not remiss in matters of citizenship, but gives his indorsement to every progressive movement and actively cooperates in advancing the development of the country along the various lines of human activity.


From the The Centennial History of Oregon 1811-1912, Volume II published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912.

George Washington Taylor: Lane County Horticultural Society

George Washington Taylor, who owns and operates a ranch of eighty acres located four miles northeast of Eugene, has only been a resident of Lane county for two years, but as president of the Lane County Horticultural Society has become widely known among the agriculturists and fruit growers in this section of the state. He was born in Pennsylvania on the 22nd of February, 1858, and is a son of James and Bettie (Mills) Taylor, natives of Lancashire, England, whence they emigrated to the United States. Upon their arrival in this country they settled in the Keystone state and there passed the remainder of their lives. Their family numbered the following: William, a resident of Dwight, Illinois, and a great friend of the late Dr. Keeley, the discoverer of the formula for the cure of the liquor and drug habits; Elizabeth, the widow of Benjamin Greaves of Allegheny City, Pennsylvania; John M., who lives in Pittsburgh; Rachel, the wife of William T. Mobberly, also of Allegheny City; Robert, who is in the steel business in Pittsburgh; Ellen, who is unmarried and makes her home with her sister Elizabeth in Allegheny City; James, who is deceased; George Washington, our subject; and Charles L., the manager of the Presbyterian Banner, a religious publication of Allegheny City.

At the age of fifteen years, George Washington Taylor terminated his school days and began to earn his own livelihood. On starting out to make his own way in the world, he obtained employment in a green house, as the work was both congenial and lucrative he continued to follow it for thirty two years. During that period through his varied experience and extensive reading and observation he became very familiar with plant life, and is a most able and well informed horticulturist. While living in the east he was connected with a number of well known seed and nursery houses, and at one time was an employee of Peter Henderson. In 1905, Mr. Taylor removed to Oregon, locating in Medford. There he purchased forty acres of land that he planted to pears and is now realizing a good annual income from his orchard. For five years he served as fruit inspector for Jackson county and he also held the position of entomologist for several years. In 1910 he came to Eugene and subsequently purchased from Alfred Barnett the ranch he now owns and which was formerly a portion of the old Stevens donation claim. Sixty-two acres of his holdings Mr. Taylor has brought under high cultivation, twenty of it being planted to small fruits, pears, apples and apricots. It is developing nicely under his capable supervision and will undoubtedly become one of the most valuable properties in this section of the county.

In September, 1884, Mr. Taylor was united in marriage to Miss Emma Hackison, a daughter of Benjamin and Ingre Hackison, and to them have been born two children, a daughter and a son. Myrtle, the wife of Grant Stone, of Los Angeles, California, was educated in the Allegheny City and Pittsburgh public schools, and later took a course in a business college. George W. Jr., who is living at home with his parents was also educated in Pittsburgh and given the advantages of a business college course.

The family are affiliated with the Episcopal church and Mr. Taylor is a member of the Improved Order of Red Men, American Mechanics and Patriotic League. His political support he gives to the republican party but has never sought nor held any public office, save such as pertain directly to his business. He now holds papers from the state government permitting him to kill anything in the way of game for scientific purposes. Mr. Taylor had the distinction of being one of the forty delegated to meet Admiral Dewey when he landed in New York, and has always been recognized as one of the foremost citizens in any community in which he has resided.

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