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Oregon Republican League: History 101

Every Wednesday, the Oregon Republican League will post the biographies of important figures, in the League's/State of Oregon's history. Click on the head link above, to visit more of our listings at Feel free to comment or share stories of your family's Republican affiliation.

Oregon Republican League:

Republican League Register of Oregon, The Register Publishing Company, 1896, page 211-217.

FULTON, HON. CHARLES W., an attorney of Astoria, has occupied a prominent position in the Republican party the past twenty years. He has been a member of the county, district and state conventions almost constantly, of county central committees, of the state central committee, and the league conventions. He was chairman of the state conventions in 1882, and of the Second District Convention in 1896. In 1888 he was a delegate to the national convention, and in 1892 a Presidential Elector. In 1894 he was elected a delegate to the National League. In 1890 he was elected to the state senate, and in the session of 1893 was president of the body. He has taken a prominent part as a campaign speaker. He received strong support for nomination for Governor in 1894, and United States Senator in 1895.

FULTON, DR. J. A. [Editor inserted: Jacob A. Fulton], of Astoria, was born in Harrison County, Iowa, January 3, 1858. He came to Oregon in 1883 and located in Astoria in practice of medicine. He is an active worker in the Republican ranks. He was a delegate to the county conventions of 1884-86-88 and ’90, chairman of the county central committee in 1888, and is chairman of the city committee. In 1895 he was appointed Health Officer at that place.

GANTENBEIN, C. U. [Editor inserted: Calvin U. Gantenbein], of Portland, was born in Philadelphia, March 22, 1865. In August, 1874, he removed to Portland, Oregon. Here he attended the city public schools and Bishop Scott Academy until 1878. He then went to Europe and attended the Royal Gymnasium, of Stuttgart, Germany, graduating in 1884. Then he attended the Royal Gymnasium, of Stuttgart, Germany, graduating in 1884. The he attended the College de France, Paris, and returned to his native country in 1885, teaching in the State Normal School at West Chester, Pennsylvania, being at the head of the department of ancient and modern languages. He then returned to Portland and became an instructor in the city high school for four years, teaching German, general history and the most advanced classes in Latin. September 15, 1894, he was honored with the appointment of Deputy County School Superintendent of Multnomah County, which position he has since filled with marked ability and to the satisfaction of the entire public. He graduated form the Law School of the University of Oregon at the head of his class in 1891, and is now a member of the firm of Davis, Gantenbein & Veazie. He is a thorough educator, and he has a deep interest in the successful education work of our city, county and state. Major Gantenbein is an ex-member of Company G, of the First Regiment, and organized Company II in 1892. After commanding the latter company for two years and a half, he was elected Major of the Second Battalion, and upon General Beebe’s promotion became Senior Major of the First Regiment.

GARRIGUES, S. PARKER [Editor inserted: Samuel Parker Garrigues], of Heppner, was born in Delaware County, ----------, January 2, 1849, and came to Oregon in 1872, settling in Heppner in 1873, where he has resided ever since. He has been a prominent Republican and continuously active worker. In 1886 Governor Moody appointed him County Clerk when Morrow County was organized. He was a delegate to the county convention in 1890.

GATCH, CLAUD, of Salem, was born at Olympia, Washington, June 29, 1859, and came to Salem when four months old. His father, Thomas N. Gatch, was president of Willamette University and was Mayor of Salem two terms. Mr. Gatch is a stalwart Republican, of old Whig and Protectionist ancestry. Since 1888 he has been a delegate to every country convention, and was a delegate to the league meetings of 1895 and 1868, being elected at the latter vice-president of the Republican League of Oregon by a large majority. He is president of the Salem Republican Club, the largest in the state, having a genuine membership of 1002. Mr. Gatch was elected Mayor of Salem 1892 and re-elected in 1894. He is cashier of Ladd & Bush’s Bank, and a business man of reputation and capacity.

GAULT, HON. D. M. C. [Daniel M. C. Gault], editor of the Hillsboro Independent, was born in Davis County, Iowa, May 8, 1842, and came to Oregon ten years later. He was educated at Tualatin Academy. He was editor of the Jacksonville Sentinel from 1865 to 1868, and later worked on the Statesman and Portland News. He became editor of Hillsboro Independent in 1892. Mr. Gault was elected to the legislature from Washington County in 1876, and from Multnomah County in 1880. He has been a frequent member of conventions.

GAZLEY, JAMES F., one of the pioneer Republicans of Oregon, was born in Courtland County, New York, September 12, 1822. In 1840 he went to Bradford County, Pennsylvania. He read law and was admitted to the bad of the latter state. In 1849 he went to California across the plains, and in 1851 came to Oregon and located at Canyonville, making Douglas County his home thereafter. Mr. Gazley was a prominent figure in the Republican party in Oregon for many years. He was elected to the territorial legislature in 1854 and 1858. In 1860 he was elected to the State Senate. In 1862 he was elected District Attorney, and in 1868 was again chosen a member of the legislature. He was a member of nearly every county and state convention for years, and was a Presidential Elector in 1864 and 1872, being both times appointed to convey the vote to Washington.

GEARY, DR. E. R. [Editor inserted: Edward R. Geary], of Medford, was born in Brownsville, Oregon, April 24, 1859, and except two years spent at medical college in the East, has been a continuous resident of the state. He graduated at the University of Oregon in the class of 1880. He is president of the Republican Club, and was a delegate to the county conventions of 1890 and 1892 and the state convention of 1982. In 1888 he was elected the second Mayor of Medford, and in 1890 was the Republican nominee for the State Senate. He is Grand Chancellor the K. of P., president of the United States Board of Medical Examiners, and a member of the Town Board.

GEER, HON. JOEL P., of Pleasant Hill, P. O. Butterville, was born in Clackamas County, Oregon, March 7, 1855. He has lived constantly on a farm in that county, and is one of the leading hop growers and shippers. Mr. Geer has always been a Republican, his father, Joseph C., having been a Democrat until the war, when he became a Republican. Mr. Geer has been Justice of the Peace and Clerk of the School Board and in 1892 was elected to the legislature.

GEER, T. T. [Editor inserted: Theodore T. Geer], of Macleay, has been for years one of the prominent leaders of the Republican party in Oregon, and both on the stump and with incisive pen he has done much to uphold its standards and carry them to victory. He was born in the Waldo Hills, Marion County, Oregon, March 12, 1851. He lived in Silverton till 1861, when the family moved to Salem. In 1866 he went to Union County, but 1877 returned to the Waldo Hills, and has ever since lived there on a farm within a mile of his birthplace. In 1876 he was a Republican nominee for the legislature in Union County, and made a hopeless fight and went down with the entire ticket under a Democratic majority of 300. In 1880, 1888, 1890 and 1892 he was elected to the legislature in Marion County, and in 1891 was speaker of the House. Mr. Geer has probably written more “good stuff” for the newspapers of Oregon than any man in the state not making that his business. He began with the Blue Mountain Times, the first paper published east of the Blue mountains, when but seventeen years of are, the Oregonian has been the paper most favored by his pen. Mr. Geer has been a prominent figure at county and state conventions and league meetings, and has done more than any other man on the stump to combat the doctrines of the Populists. His campaign work in 1894 was peculiarly effective in this direction, his plain, common-sense talks, tinged with a humor worthy of Lincoln himself, being far more interesting and convincing than the more florid oratory of the majority of political speakers.

GEISENDORFER, JOHN ALEX., of Arlington, was born in Albany, Oregon, April 17, 1866. He graduated in medicine in St. Louis in 1891, and the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1893. He began practice in Jacksonville, but soon removed to Arlington. He is now still further perfecting himself in his profession by a special course in the East.

GEORGE, HON. M. C. [Editor inserted: Melvin C. George], of Portland, and former Representative in Congress, was born in Noble County, Ohio, May 13, 1849, and came to Oregon at an early age. After attending the Santiam Academy, Willamette University and Portland Business College, he was principal of the public schools at Albany and Jefferson Academy. He was admitted to the bar in 1875. In 1876 he was elected to the State Senate from Multnomah County, and in 1878 received the votes of the Republican Senators for president of that body. In 1880 he was elected to Congress over ex-Governor Whiteaker, his predecessor, and was re-elected in 1882. Through his exertions, in the house and as a member of the committee on commerce, a commission was appointed that decided upon the improvements at the mouth of the Columbia. This is but one of the many important measures he gave his special attention during his four years of service. Mr. George was for four years president of the State Republican League and an officer of the National League. He was also vice-president of the American Protective Tariff League. In 1889 he was elected School Trustee of Portland for five years, and was the same year given the honorary degree of LL. D. by the leading university of the state. He is an interesting and forceful speaker and an important factor in campaign work.

GESNER, HON. ALONZO, of Salem is Joint Senator from Marion and Clackamas Counties, elected in 1894. He has been a frequent member of county conventions, of the state convention of 1880,a and of the club league meetings of 1892, 1895, and 1896.

GIBBS, HON. ADDISON C., deceased, ex-Governor of Oregon, was born in Cataraugus County, New York, July 9, 1825, and was educated at Griffith Institute and New York State Normal School. He taught school and studied law and was admitted in 1849. In 1850 he came to Oregon and located at Gardiner. In 1851-2 he was a member of the territorial legislature, was Code Commissioner in 1853, and Collector of Customs for Southern Oregon. In 1858 he moved to Portland and entered into a partnership with Hon. George H. Williams. He joined the Union party and was elected Governor in 1862, and in 1866 was the Republican candidate for United States Senator, coming within one vote of election. He practiced law in Portland till his death, December 29, 1886, in London, England, while there on business. Later the Oregon Legislature had his remains brought to Portland and interred in Riverview Cemetery.

GIBSON, HON. S. D. [Editor inserted: Samuel D. Gibson], of Salem, was born in Illinois, November 11, 1836, and came to Oregon in 1852, settling near Salem, where he still lives. He has been a Republican from the first. He has served two terms as County Commissioner, one as a member of the Board of Equalization, and in 1884 was elected to state legislature.

GILBERT, A. N. [Editor inserted: Andrew N. Gilbert], of Salem, was born at Grandview, Illinois, March 18, 1840, and came to Oregon in 1866. He has been continuously engaged in the grocery business of Salem. He has been a prominent figure in the Republican party of Oregon for a third of a century. He has been a delegate to county and state conventions and state league meetings, and a member of central committees almost continuously. For three years, beginning in 1870, he was Treasurer of the city of Salem, and from September 19, 1889, to August 16, 1894, he was Postmaster of that city. He was a member of the legislatures of 1874, 1876, 1882, 1885, and the special session of 1885. March 4, 1895, he was appointed by Governor W. P. Lord as Superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary, which position he now holds. Mr. Gilbert has always exercised much influence in the politics of Marion County and the state.

GILBERT, HON. W.B. [Editor inserted: William B. Gilbert], United States Circuit Judge, was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, July 4, 1847, and graduated from Williams College in 1868. Later he graduated from the Law Department of the University of Michigan. In 1873 he began practice in Portland in partnership with Hon. H. H. Northup, subsequently being associated with John M. Gearin and Zera Snow. In 1878 he was appointed Master of Chancery of the United States Circuit Court. In 1890 he was elected to the legislature. In February 1892, he was appointed by President Harrison Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

GILLIAM, ELEAZAR, of Pendleton, was born near Savannah, Missouri, December 3, 1840, and came to Oregon in 1847. Since 1863 he has lived in Umatilla County. He has been several times a delegate to county conventions. He served as Justice of the Peace seven years, was elected County Assessor in 1884, and in 1889 was Stock Insurance Appraiser. Mr. Gilliam is again the Republican nominee for Assessor.

GILLIAM, FRANK, of Heppner, was born in Clackamas County, Oregon, November 29, 1854, and moved to Heppner in 1870. In 1885 he was appointed County Commissioner of Morrow County by Governor Moody. He was also appointed commissioner of state fund to build a road from Heppner to Monument. He was a delegate to the county conventions of 1886, 1888, 1890, and 1892. In 1894 he was elected Treasurer of the county, and has been again nominated for the position. He is an active member of the Republican Club.

GILTNER, EDMOND C., of Salem, was born September 7, 1867, at St. Helens, Oregon, and since leaving school has been continuously associated with Senator George W. McBride. For eight years while Mr. McBride was Secretary of State Mr. Giltner was his chief clerk, and still his private secretary. He became secretary and manager of the State Insurance Company in 1895, and is now receiver of the company. He is an earnest Republican, and has several times served as delegate to conventions and league meetings. He is a member of the Multorpor Republican Club.

GILTNER, R. R. [Editor inserted: Roscoe R. Giltner], City Attorney of Portland, was born in Pennsylvania in 1857, and came to Portland in 1866. He graduated from Yale College in 1881, and was admitted to the bar in 1883. In `894 he was elected City Attorney, and is again the nominee on one of the Republican tickets.

GOODELL, JOHN, of Grant’s Pass, was born in Douglas County Oregon, July 6, 1857, and has resided in Oregon all his life. He has held the positions in Josephine County of Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Deputy County Clerk,, Deputy School Superintendent and Justice of the Peace, being elected to the latter position in 1886. He was a delegate to the county conventions of 1886 and 1888.

GOODIN, R. B. [Editor inserted: Richard B. Goodin], of Hillsboro, was born in Grenville County, Ontario, Canada, November 4, 1852, and came to Oregon in 1876 and locate on a farm in Washington County. For six years he was a contractor and for seven years a bookkeeper. In 1892 he was elected County Clerk, and again in 1894. He was elected Mayor if Hillsboro, December 2, 1895. He was a delegate to the county conventions 1882-86-88-90-92 and the club conventions of 1892-95-96. He has been constantly in the party harness as an earnest worker and a leader.

GOODNOUGH, CHARLES, of Island City, is one of the oldest and staunchest Republicans of Union County. He was born in Calais, Vermont, November 13, 1833, and came to Oregon in December 1855. He lived in Portland five years, was then on the Umatilla Reservation a year, and in the summer of 1862 settled at La Grande. He was engaged in farming and in conducting a store till 1867, when he removed to Portland. In 1875 he settled in Island City, where he is president and manager of the Island City Mercantile & Milling Company, with a capital stock of $75,000 and a surplus of $250,000. This is the largest establishment of its kind in Eastern Oregon, and has a branch at Elgin and two Wallowa County. Its sales average $300,000 a year. He has been prominent in the politics of Union County and the state. He has been a delegate to every county convention since 1876, every state convention since 1884, and the league of 1895. He was elected to the legislature in 1890. Mr. Goodnough is a member of the Island City Republican Club.

GOWAN, HON. A. W. [Editor inserted: Albert W. Gowan], of Burns, was born in Allegheny County, New York, in 1846, and was reared in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Twelfth Pennsylvania Emergency Militia, and subsequently served three years in Light Battery M, First United States Artillery, being discharged in 1868. In 1870 he went to Kansas and helped organize Osborne County, holding various positions, including a seat in the legislature in 1880. He settled in Joseph, Oregon, in 1882, in practice of law, and in 1890 went to Burns as Clerk of the United States Land Office. In 1892 he was elected Joint Representative of Grant and Harney Counties, and in 1894 Joint Senator from Morrow, and state conventions since 1892, and the league meetings, and in 1892-4 was a member of the district and state committees. He organized Troop A., O. N. G., in 1893, and its captain.

GRADON, H. D. [Editor inserted: Herman D. Gradon], of Portland, was born in that city in 1855, and graduated from the Portland High School in 1876, since when he has been continuously engaged in surveying and civil engineering. He has always been a Republican. He was a delegate to the city convention in 1889 and 1891. In 1891 he was the Republican nominee for City Surveyor, but was defeated with the entire ticket. In 1893 he was elected Superintendent of Streets, and re-elected for two years in 1894. He will retire Julie 1, 1896, having declined to permit his name to go before the convention of either faction of the party.

GRAY, HON. JOHN H. D., County Judge of Clatsop County, was born at Lapwai, Idaho, March 20, 1839. Most of his boyhood was passed at Astoria. He graduated from the Forest Grove University in 1857. In 1858 he went to British Columbia and engaged in steam boating on Fraser River. In 1861 he was one of two survivors when the steamer Cariboo blew up near Victoria. He than began steamboating on the Upper Columbia and Snake rivers, and followed that business for many years, making Astoria his home since 1868. He has been extremely active in promoting enterprises for the building up of Astoria and the opening of the Columbia river and improvement of its mouth. Politically he is a staunch Republican, and has been in the councils of the party for many years. In 1886 he was elected to the state senate, and served two terms. He is now County Judge of Clatsop County.

GRAY, J. G. [Editor inserted: Joseph G. Gray], of Eugene, was born in Hamilton, Ohio, November 24, 1824, and came to California in 1849. In 1853 he came to Oregon and located in Lane County, where he was since resided. In 1857 he settled in Eugene. By occupation he is a harness-maker, but in 1867-8 he took government contracts for surveying. He has always been a Republican, and has seen the party grow from its small beginning to the present. He has been a delegate to conventions many times. He was elected County Treasurer in 1870 and re-elected in 1872, 1874, 1876, 1878, and 1880. In 1894 he was again elected to that position.

GREGG, HON. J. T. [Editor inserted: John T. Gregg], of Salem, was born in Allen County, Indiana, September 20, 1847. He was educated in California. In 1870 he located in Salem as principal of the grammar school. In 1876 he was appointed City Superintendent of Schools and in 1878 was elected County Superintendent. In 1881 he was admitted to the bad. In 1885 he became Secretary of the Oregon State Agricultural Society, and so remained for many years. In 1886 he acted as secretary of the state central committee, and was subsequently appointed Chief Deputy by United States Marshal Barin.

GRIM, HON. J. W. [Editor inserted: John W. Grim], of Aurora, was born in Ohio, June 16, 1820, moved to Illinois in 1830 and came to Oregon in 1847, settling in Marion County. In 1849 he was elected to the territorial legislature, and in 1850 Probate Judge, being re-elected in 1852. He was one of the founders of the party in Oregon, and a member of state conventions. In 1858 he was elected to the State Senate, and again in 1862 and in 1878.

GURDANE, J. S. [Editor inserted: John S. Gurdane], of Ridge, member of legislature from Umatilla County, was born at sea, of Scotch parentage, in 1824, and came to America when six years of age. He lived in the State of New York till 1847, when he enlisted in the navy and served five years, part of the time in the Mexican war. For several years he was master of a vessel. He served four years during the civil war, part of the time in the Fourteenth Wisconsin and part in the navy. He has been a Republican ever since he voted for Fremont in 1856, and has been an active local worker all that time. He came to Oregon in 1882, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He has attended nearly every county convention since that time, and in 1894 was elected to the lower house of the legislature in a county that has almost always been represented by a Democrat. He has been renominated..

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