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Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Every Wednesday/Thursday, the Oregon Republican League will post the biographies of important figures, in the League's/State of Oregon's history. Feel free to comment or share stories of your family's Republican affiliation.

An Illustrated History of Umatilla County & Morrow County, by Colonel William Parsons and W. S. Shiach with a brief outline of the early history of the State of Oregon. W. H. Lever, Spokane, WA, (1902), p. 382-383.

JOHN WALKER. - This man, whose life we now have the privilege of epitomizing, has with laudable enterprise, and uprightness and integrity deserving of approbation, so demeaned himself in the arena of the world’s battle, and in his associations with his fellow men, that he justly merits an honorable recognition in the chronicles of Umatilla county. His parents, John and Jane (Stevenson) Walker, natives of Scotland’s rugged hills, early removed to Canada, where our subject was born on May, 1858, and where he received the training granted in the common schools, and where also he passed the first eighteen years of his existence. At that time the reports from this garden spot attracted him and he came hither in quest of a home. He first took a pre-emption in Morrow county, but afterward sold that and purchased three hundred and twnty acres where he now lives, seven and a half miles northwest from Athena. Upon this place he has put forth energy, guided by wise judgment, that has brought his farm to a high sate of cultivation, and given him the just reward of a comfortable and tasty home and an elegant estate. He has displayed good taste and wisdom in all is improvements, both in quality and arrangement, that add greatly to the value of his holdings.

On January 1, 1890, he began the new year nobly by taking to himself a wife, Miss Jennie Stevenson, the daughter of J. and Margaret (Cornwell) Stevenson. To enhance their connubial bliss there have been born to them four children, John C., Jennie M., Margaret R., Elsie E. Mr. Walker has always taken that active part in politics that becomes the worthy citizen, allying himself with the Republican party, as the one that more nearly lays down the principles he believes are for the welfare of the people generally. School matters and local affairs are a part of his interest and are as carefully attended to as are his own business enterprises. In fraternal affiliations he is associated with the Woodmen of the World, where his popularity is commensurate with the excellent position he holds in the estimation and respect of his friends and acquaintances.

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