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Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Oregon Republican League: History 104 Biographies

Every Wednesday/Thursday, the Oregon Republican League will post the biographies of important figures, in the League's/State of Oregon's history. Feel free to comment or share stories of your family's Republican affiliation.

An Illustrated History of Umatilla County & Morrow County, by Colonel William Parsons and W. S. Shiach with a brief outline of the early history of the State of Oregon. W. H. Lever, Spokane, WA, (1902), p. 354-355.

LEWIS M. HUSON. - Few are now living who came earlier to this western country than this estimable citizen and worthy pioneer whose name we gladly incorporate in this record of Umatilla county. In the early ‘fifties he sought the California gold fields, where for three years he delved for hidden treasure, and at the time of the Fraser river exodus went thither also in the employ of the American Tunnel Company. From that point he returned to Puget Sound and entered the employ of the government as assistant surveyor under Major Tilton. In this capacity he helped to sectionize all of Lewis and Thurston and a part of King counties. From this he turned, in 1858, to Walla Walla and lived there for four years. For twenty years he visited various sections of the country until satisfied with his explorations he came back to Umatilla county and took up a homestead and pre-emption where he now lives, six miles northwest from Helix. Thrift and economy have enabled him to add to his real estate until he now owns one whole section, which he cultivates to wheat principally. The Washington White variety finds favor with him, and his average yield is thirty bushels per acre annually. Sufficient stock for the necessities of the farms is all that he raises. His farm presents the appearance of thrift and wisdom used in its culture. Taste and good judgment are displayed in the improvements, such as a good comfortable residence, substantial outbuildings and necessary equipage.

On February 22, 1853, Miss Jane McMillan and Mr. Huson were married. Her parents were Archibald and Mary J. McMillan. The following children have been born to them: Elizabeth, married to Charles Parish; Neina B., married to C. C. Anderson; Lewis E.; Charles P.; Myrtle, married to C. B. Haun; John C.; William C.; and Pearl and an infant, the last two being dead. His fraternal affiliations are with the Maccabees and the U. F. of F. U. He is also an exempt fireman from the Walla Walla department. It was Mr. Huson who drew the petition for the formation of the First Washington Artillery. In political matters Mr. Huson is widely and favorably known, being a Republican, having once, however, been with the Populists. Ever active in attendance upon the conventions that proper men should be placed upon the tickets, but never accepting office for himself, he was won, in the hearts of the people, an enviable reputation for unselfishness and hearty activity for the good of all.

Mr. Huson was born to Calvin and Betsy (Crego), on April 5, 1836,in New York state. His early education was excellent, attending the Lina Academy and later graduating from the Dundee Academy, and then at the early age of seventeen engaged in teaching in Virginia. The same mental vigor and keen perception that characterized his early years of precocity have ever been leading factors in his life and have stamped him, as he justly deserves, a leader among men.

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