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Oregon Native Son: Starting A Republican Party

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Oregon Native Son

Starting A Republican Party
A Document That Marks the Origin of the Republican Party in Oregon.

The following is a true copy of the first call and resolutions of the first meeting for the formation of the Republican party in Oregon:

Willamette Forks, O.T., July 14, 1865. - In pursuance of the recommendation of Ben Davis and H. Shaw, as to starting a Republican party, the undernamed think the time has come. The old parties have lost all the good that was in them, and the time has come when the Republican is the party for this age. We think that the spread of slavery should be stopped. We, the undersigned citizens, join the new party:

On motion of Hiram Smith, T.J. Vaughan is chairman, and on motion of M. Wilkins, Thomas Cady is secretary.

I. Van Duyn
J.C. Spore
Dave Wilson
John Bouey
Frank Bouey
E.J. Keith
A. Wadsworth
Henry Smith
F.M. Simmons
John Post
G.D. Coffin
T. Newland
James Donnals
H. Miller
M. Wilkns
W. Nelson
James Lytle
Robert Wilson
C.C. Morton
H. Greenwood
Chairman, T.J. Thomas Cady
A.H. Vaughan
Jacob Zimmer
W. Cranem
J.S. Fields
W. Whitney
S. Bonnette
M.H. Harlow
G.R. Ward
Hiram Smith
William Long
Wilson Smith
John Young
B. Ramsy
William Polic
John Maxwell
Shel Spencer
A.A. Spencer
Thomas Cady
T.J. Vaughan
John Sippi
Vaughan; secretary

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