Thursday, August 30, 2007

Updated Non-Oregon, Anti-Ron Paul, GOP Straw Poll from or whoever


Anonymous said...

I am an Oregon Republican and I am disappointed and curious why my favorite candidate, Ron Paul, is not on this poll.

How can you ignore the candidate that has the most Internet "buzz", is winning many polls and local straw polls, and has the fastest growing grassroots campaign?

Matt L. said...

I thought this was interesting too. Let's keep watching. I understand there may be a late addition/comment on the situation. Matthew L.

A New Rep For Ron Paul said...

Finally, a Republican who reaches the widest audience the Republicans could and somehow he is left out of this straw poll and the media in general.

Why do you ignore the undeniable success of Ron Paul, in other straw polls, and the internet?

You have Democrats AND Independents switching just to vote for Ron Paul, a Republican.

Let Ron Paul In.
Give him the coverage he deserves.

It's the American thing to do.

Thank You,
An American for Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Where's Ron Paul? He is now a "top tier" candidate. He has won an impressive number of straw polls so far, out-fund-raised more than half of his opponents, and garnered a level of spontaneous support that is unprecedented in recent memory. He belongs on the list. I voted that all of the candidates listed would be unacceptable. Ron Paul is the candidate I will vote for and will help in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am disappointed that Ron Paul is not listed here. He's a serious candidate, with a solid shot at winning. Please add him. Thank you for you time!

kyle h. said...

I am a Republican from Oregon and am also disappointed in this poll. The only truly conservative candidate there is in this race is Ron Paul. All others are unacceptable knowing that he IS in this race.

Sad2C_C3ns0ring said...

Interesting that you exclude the one person who has already won the most straw polls of any Republican candidate.

Milena Joy said...

I have to agree with the two before me.
Why exclude Ron Paul from this poll?
He is a traditional conservative, certainly worth investigating.

I will not participate in this poll, unless Ron Paul is added.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

where is Ron Paul??? I am puzzled.

Anonymous said...

How could you leave Dr. Ron Paul out of this poll when he is the only one who doesn't make fallacious statements in their argument?

It is peculiar indeed, since another GOP poll left him out a couple months ago. This is truly an unprofessional poll..

April said...

Where's Ron Paul :(

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is RON PAUL ! The only cadidate worth my click !

Matt L. said...

Hat tip to Coyote, at NWRepublican, who had this response from the author of the poll: -Matt L.

"UPDATE: Some of you may be wondering about the absence of Ron Paul from this months straw poll. Let me explain. After my decision to include Ron Paul in the previous poll, I monitored (to the best of my ability) the efforts by Paul's online supporters. With the help of other bloggers, we discovered a sophisticated coordinated effort to spam the poll, obfuscate their actions, and even cheat the poll.

Shortly after the launch of the previous poll, I received an email from Jesse Benton, the communications director for Ron Paul's campaign. He was interested in getting information about what safeguards are used in the straw poll in order to protect it from spammers/cheaters. I made it clear that I was not about to share the details of what protections are place. His response was a bit less than amicable.

I found it very curious that someone from Ron Paul's campaign would have such an active interest in the GOP Straw Poll and specifically request such guarded details about it. This high suspect request, combined with the efforts of Paul's online supporters to spam/cheat the poll. Ron Paul has been removed from this months poll in order to provide usable data on the acceptability/unacceptability of the candidates in the race. As you may have noticed in the previous poll, people who voted for Ron Paul as their number one choice also only put Ron Paul as the only acceptable candidate -- a voting behavior not mimicked by supporters of other candidates. This made the data severely flawed and useless as a barometer -- even for an unscientific one.

So, that's all there is to say about it now."

Anonymous said...

Well I am total Constitutionalist Conservative. I hate big government and I believe that it is UN-American to support a big federal government. I am a Ron Paul supporter because he really is the most republican / conservative running for president. However, I can understand why Ron Paul is left off some of these polls. When he's put on, he gets 80% of the vote, that so far hasn't translated into real votes - except some straw polls. For many other republicans, this can understandidly be considered as SPAM.
I don't think fellow republicans are involved in any conspiracy, especially sense more and more are coming around to Dr. Paul.
He is more republican than Rudy and Mitt that's for sure! Plus Ron Paul just plain out knows more about all the issues than those two.

Karessa said...

How scientific and useful is data from a poll that excludes a candidate who is a contender in the actual race? Either his supporters will not vote in your poll or they will vote for a candidate they don't intend to support in the race, and either of those possibilities will result in skewed results.

If there are truly people who are spamming the polls, then surely they don't include only Ron Paul supporters? It seems to me that anything that this problem points to a deficiency in the security of the polling process.

Anonymous said...

I understand both sides of this. I wish Ron Paul was a part of it. The problem is that to those of us that support him, he is the only acceptable candidate. And I don't believe that actions such as posting bulletins (or digg or reddit) linking to a poll and encouraging other to vote for Ron Paul is manipulation. People vote for who they want to, and nothing is stopping them from doing the same for their candidate of choice. We just have the most active and vocal of supporters. I have never found evidence of actual tampering or spamming in a poll. Not to say that it doesn't exist, just that someone has to prove it to me.

Sad2C_C3ns0ring said...

Oh so now people who support the constitution are just a bunch of cheaters?

I'm always amazed when the supporters of the most honest candidate in the entire race get labeled cheaters.

Might it simply be that we fervently support Dr. Paul and when someone posts a link about a poll we participate?

Do you really need to resort to name calling just because your preferred candidate doesn't inspire the same support?


Anonymous said...

How can you ignore Ron Paul any longer? You are betraying your own party and the freedoms of America's voting system by denying the public more choice in who they want to be there next Commander in Chief. Add him to your poll for a real choice in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest with ourselves here folks. The amercan people (meaning all voters, not just republicans) are not going to elect another republican after what Bush has done. Every single one of our candidates (except Ron Paul) either supports bush whole heartedly (McCain and Giuliani especially) or supported the war or did SOMETHING that dems are bound to use against them to compare them to Bush. If the party hopes to have any chance at all of retaining the White House we're going to have to try something different. Give Ron Paul a shot at the title. I look at it this way, if he gets the party nomination and runs, he'll either win or lose. If he wins, Republicans maintain the whitehouse, if he loses no big deal, because I really don't think we've got a shot at it anyway.
AND if the dems run (ugh...) Hillary, which is looking likey, Ron Paul can at least say he voted against the war, and lets face it, that's really going to be the biggest issue in this election.
Don't count him out because you don't agree with everything he says. Use it to our advantage. He's got some good ideas.

Anonymous said...

"I found it very curious that someone from Ron Paul's campaign would have such an active interest in the GOP Straw Poll and specifically request such guarded details about it. This high suspect request, combined with the efforts of Paul's online supporters to spam/cheat the poll. Ron Paul has been removed from this months poll in order to provide usable data on the acceptability/unacceptability of the candidates in the race."

Your website lacks credibility then? Why don't you get a more secure system like verifying an E-mail address? Maybe the rep was trying to help you safe guard your polls? How is leaving Ron Paul off going to make your poll more accurate? I personally will still vote for all those listed as unacceptable....

So put RON PAUL back on the list and fix your security silly!

yourmom said...

I want my voice to be heard. So since i couldn't poll it i'll comment it. I want Ron Paul!!! My commitment # is 10! Just because people love Ron Paul and are passionate about him does not mean we are spammers. You can not silence the people's choice.

Anonymous said...

I am a republican from Oregon whom is absolutely appalled that Ron Paul has been left off of the list!

Considering that he won in the Alabama and New Hampsire strawpolls, it is unbelievable that he is not included in your internet poll!

Whomever made such a blatant error should stop ingesting so much flouride and should be given a demotion.

Ron Paul is the only true non CFR conservative candidate.

Wake up

America is at stake

Jesi said...

Sophisticated?? So Ron Paul and his supporters are to be penalized for having an organized base? For getting out people to vote in polls, in order to have his name reach people it otherwise would not, due to main stream media's senorship of his campaign. It is well that he and his team are on look out to see what precautions are being taken because he has already been the victim of sensorship and rigged polls.
Usable data??? That's a load of non-sense. How can it be usable data when you're discluding a large group of voters? Or is it usable because it now shows what you want it to?

Brian said...

Jesse Benton is going to contact some obscure blog about the security measures they're taking?

My BS meter just broke after that load of manure.

You guys might as well just start calling yourselves the Oregon NeoCON League and get it over with.

New Rep for Ron Paul said...

Why is it so hard to believe that enough people are motivated to elect Ron Paul, while no one is actually motivated to vote for anyone else in the Republican party?

The Republican party has not shown itself to be trustable overall.
Ron Paul is someone who makes people exited.. We want change, and Ron Paul is about change..

Try to consider, just this once, that no one is spamming you that doesn't want to vote for Ron Paul.

We want to vote for Ron Paul, and no one else is even worth consideration to those of us who have come to trust this Strong Grandfather type figure who has made us all want him to be president.

Is it so hard to believe that it is an anomaly, because the only people who care are the Ron Paul supporters???

We will be there filling out the ballot, for Ron Paul..
In the same numbers..

You can either give him the respect he deserves, or be left behind when the majority, by a landslide..
Vote for Ron Paul..

Non voters are becoming voters..
and no of those other candidates are responsible for that..

Ron Paul 2008..

We will vote for him, whether he is on your poll or not.
Get on the boat..
or be left behind..

Anonymous said...

I won't post a vote in this GOP Straw Poll without ALL current Republican candidates listed. Dr. Ron Paul is missing?!

I will check back over the coming days. As soon as you correct your error, I'll be certain to participate. Thank you for your attention to this matter (o:

Anonymous said...

Thats a poor excuse for removing Ron Paul from the poll. This poll is biased and unfair, not to mention suspiciously operated by someone who would stand in the way of free choice.


Anonymous said...

"With the help of other bloggers, we discovered a sophisticated coordinated effort to spam the poll, obfuscate their actions, and even cheat the poll."

This is an obscure accusation. That would be a damaging presentation. Perhaps you have something put together that can prove the validity of these claims.

Of course security for your site could not be cited as a reason to abstain from explaining these alleged coordinated efforts. Surely you would have fixed any true security deficiency that you have uncovered, referring to the quote; "and even cheat the poll".

If you remove Ron Paul from earlier polls you have a very low number of people voting at all, considering you represent all the Republicans in Oregon.

"So, that's all there is to say about it now"

I wonder if you even read this.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute? Who is Ron Paul? Never heard of him...and NO, I don't live under a rock!!

"Real Republican"

Matt said...

changing the post title to "Updated Non-Oregon, Anti-Ron Paul, GOP Straw Poll from or whoever"


Anonymous said...

I considered my self a Liberal and possibly a Democrat. I wasn't sure and took some tests that say I'm a moderate Libertarian.
Either way, I've now updated my voter registration so I can vote for RON PAUL in the Kansas Primary.
He wins the internet polls, he wins the straw polls, he's bringing in more contributions than supposed "top tier" canidate John McCain, he's got decades of experience as a Republican, he ACTUALLY knew Reagan, he's a great guy, he's well eduacated, and he's just flat out the right guy for the job. He would unite our country, free us from bonds most Americans are clueless about, and take us into a prosperous future. By the way,(I'm not a Christian, but)he's by far the most Christian man running a serious campaign for the 2008 election.

Anonymous said...

Go to the results page- Look @ the results from MAY 07- Apparently Ron Paul WAS on the ballot and was winning by a LARGE margin (Over 10k votes)
The fact that he was taken off because of his accomplishment is disgusting. PUT RON PAUL BACK IN THE VOTING RING!

Kevin said...

Ron Paul should be included in all of these polls. He has the best and fastest growing grass roots campaign, the largest internet presence and even most of the media pundits label him as their favorite.

Check him out